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a Wedding Dress for Kim Kardashian?

Rumors have it,  that pretty soon Kim Kardashian is about to get married and in this way there will soon be a Kim Kardashian wedding dress,Guest Posting but till then we are still waiting for the happy event. Well, up to last year’s celebrity news none of these happy announcements was made public. There were a lot of hints made by Kim Kardashian pointing out the she would love to do a “Newlyweds” style of TV show despite that no engagement took place.

Daixe Wang

Kim Kardashian is playing in a show called “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and it seems that for the moment there are other plans on their list of priorities. Although the star was seen having dinner with the famous wedding dress designer Vera Wang, there were merely speculations on the fact that the famous fashion designer is going to create the Kim Kardashian wedding dress.In a wedding special, there was a part where Kim’s mom brought in front of her daughters her old wedding gown. Khloe, Kim’s sister said that the dress was ugly enough not to tempt her to wear such a thing. At that point her mother burst into tears saying that she could hardly wait to show the dress. After 30 years, finally she had the opportunity to do this, for the dress to be treated that way. But to please, her mom, Kim put on the wedding dress that proved to be a perfect fit.Again, was this a new hint that Kim Kardashian was pointing in order to show her wishes related to the wedding event? So, what could be the result of all these? Could it be there a Kim Kardashian wedding dress designed by Vera Wang when there is not even an engagement announced prior to the wedding event? It is true that many women browse among the various bridal magazines to get ready for planning of their wedding celebration, but at least they have an engagement ring on their finger!As if to make the things more lit up by the fact that Vera Wang was spotted having dinner with her, Kim Kardashian has shared in an interview the fact that she loved Vera Wang creations. She also mentioned that if it were for Wang to accept making Kim Kardashian wedding dress, it would be like a dream has become true for the star.

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