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Dealing With the Induction Heating Speed

Appropriate parts of the power supply interface,Dealing With the Induction Heating Speed Articles poor cooling water interfaces are installed in and out of the furnace shell, furnace shell or interface with fixed connectors, furnace shell with cold outside using IF interface cable and power supply, water supply pressure hose connected to the cooling pipes. Between the induction coil and spiral welded steel manufacturers of refractory materials produced by lining isolation. Other parts of the furnace late. Protective gas furnace can be given away, reducing oxidative annealed steel tree. 800X heating furnace temperature is appropriate, the lid has a central hole temperature, thermocouples can be used to measure and control the furnace temperature.   USA company formation
Compared with the pipe, strip, wire, induction heating less for handling sheet and strip. The main reason for this phenomenon is the formation of sheet and strip using a longitudinal magnetic field is applied at the time, most of the magnetic field lines can not concentrate for heating metal, and lost in the atmosphere, producing a very low electrical efficiency. Sheet, when a thin strip heating is more obvious, only the use of lateral political heat to electricity with high efficiency. However, the transverse magnetic field heating time and temperature distribution uneven phenomenon. For the heating temperature distribution, spiral welded pipe manufacturers must adopt complex type sensor. Because this sensor structure is too complex for manufacturing, using dimensional bring a lot of inconvenience. Plus plate induction heating treatment effect, with the traditional, strip continuous fuel heating furnace protective atmosphere was no significant treatment effect advantage, it is difficult to be widely used in production. With spiral welded pipe manufacturers of induction heating technology stomach fat transverse magnetic field sensors continue to improve the structure of this new rapid thermal process must be promoted in terms of sheet and strip.

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