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Timeless Wisdom For Modern Leaders

Lead Through Building Relationships

Wise leaders know that leadership involves growing together with those they are leading.

Leadership is an ongoing relationship based on common values. In practice it generally takes the form of a series of meetings and interaction with individuals and groups.

King Solomon,Guest Posting a leader synonymous with wisdom, says:“Reliable communication permits progress.”

For leadership to be strong, the relationship with those involved in a project needs to deepen through increased understanding and participation in the greater value being created together.

A positive relationship develops the intellectual, emotional, social, and moral sides of those involved. Initiating a dialogue is important. Gradually, we develop security and social strength.

High level transparency and high energy opens us up for learning and development. We begin to see each other’s strengths: of group members and of those in our surroundings, which creates a positive momentum. We can then also easier see and focus on our own strengths.  Siteswise

Solomon says, “Pleasant sights and good reports give happiness and health.”

Wise leaders are characterized by a willingness to serve others. They place the co-workers’ interests at the center and give attention to everyone’s important contribution to what they want to be and to create. By demonstrating this dedication to giving, they inspire the members of the group to support each other’s needs.

Wise leaders make others feel significant and needed. They cultivate a genuine love for people, which means that they care about their well-being at various levels.

Solomon also says: “Anxious hearts are very heavy but a word of encouragement does wonders!”

Wise leaders recognize the importance of different ways of being supportive and giving appreciation to their co-workers. They are generous with encouragement and praise and often compliment those they lead.

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